Over and Done? More Than Half of Wyoming Primary Voters Would Vote For Anyone Except Cheney

As it appears more and more likely that Rep. Liz Cheney’s days as the House’s No. 3 Republican are limited, it increasingly looks as though her days in Congress are as well.

“A WPA Intelligence poll commissioned by the Club for Growth PAC, a grassroots organization that supports candidates who believe in limited government and economic freedom, found that 52% of Republican voters in Wyoming will vote for anyone but Cheney in the 2022 primary,” The Blaze noted Thursday.

In all, it looks like Cheney is about 36 points under water, as only about 29 percent of Republican voters have a positive view of her, while 65 percent hold an unfavorable view. And here’s the kicker: Only 14 percent of voters say they’ll cast a ballot to reelect her next year in the midterms, while 31 percent said they’ll consider a primary challenger before making a decision.

Not good.


“These numbers paint a clear picture: Unless something drastic and unforeseen happens, Liz Cheney will not be re-elected in 2022,” The Blaze concluded.

No doubt. But really, Cheney’s love and lust for her father’s Republican Party, the once-corporate/establishment go-along-to-get-along GOP, is going to be her undoing.

She voted to impeach President Trump when the vast majority of voters in her state (she is the lone U.S. representative in Wyoming) because she listened to daddy’s RINO faction instead. And now she’s going to pay the political price.

What’s more, her unfavorable will continue to go up the more she is embraced by the political establishment in D.C., which, by the way, includes Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an uber-liberal, as well as the Washington Post, which published an op-ed for her this week (in which she trashed her fellow Republicans for sticking with Trump — whose pushed for, and won on, a working-class first strategy).

And her fall has been rapid, too. She was first elected in 2016, the year of Trump, and reelected handily in 2018, being rewarded with the chairmanship of the House Republican Conference.

What she didn’t actually understand, though, is that trying to be a conservative while harboring the old GOP’s relishing of forever wars, pretending not to prefer multi-trillion dollar debt while adding to it, and not really being serious about securing the U.S. borders.

That, and now, she is outright hostile towards the emerging Republican Party victory train: Filling the ‘working-class party’ void left by the new Corporatist Democratic Party.

In a February interview with Fox News, Rep. Matt Gaetz laid bare the divide between Cheney’s dwindling GOP-lite faction and the emerging, broad, deep America First faction.

“When you asked the question, who wants to go back to the forever wars and the bad trade deals and the caravans crashing across our borders, the answer is establishment Republicans,” he said, adding “there are a whole lot of them” in Washington.

Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., head of the Republican Study Committee, added in a separate Fox interview, “President Trump has taught us a lot about appealing to working-class voters, he made our party the working-class party again.”

Banks also penned a memo to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., explaining why the GOP needs to become the party of Mr. and Mrs. American Worker (regardless of race/ethnicity/yada yada) because Trump showed it is a winning strategy.

Cheney criticized Banks’ vision.

“Cheney argued the GOP is not the party of class warfare and that dividing society into classes while attacking the private sector is neo-Marxist and wrong,” wrote Politico’s Melanie Zanona.

She’s on her way out. And that’s okay. We’re sure CNN or MSNBC would love to have her.

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