IT’S WORKING! Florida Business Owner Gets Flooded With Job Applications After DeSantis Cut Out Unemployment Waivers

Just like magic, as soon as Governor Ron DeSantis brought back the job search requirement to be able to receive unemployment benefits, business owners say that they now finally getting a surge of employment applications.

Buddy Foy Jr. owns Chateau by the Lake in Florida, and he told Fox News that he got “zero phone calls in five months for jobs,” and that they “filled their jobs through referral.”

The business owner then noted that in the last 5 days their staff hasn’t been able to keep up with the job applicants calling their business.

“It’s just like that, magic fairy dust,” he said.

“Now you have to look for a job, the waiver is being removed for that search requirement for unemployment. And in the last 5 days, literally everyday it’s building to more and more.”

The business man owns two restaurants, one in New York, and one in Florida, and he has noticed a sharp contrast on the labor market between the states. Mr. Foy jr. said that business is booming in the sunshine state, given that in Florida, you cannot receive COVID-19 unemployment benefits anymore, unless you are actively searching for employment.

Meanwhile, according to Foy Jr., “business is tough” in New York, and that to be able to fill positions they are counting on referrals. The restaurant owner says that there is no incentive to look for a job given that a lot of people make more money staying at home than working.

President Biden, however, disagrees with the restaurant owner and with hundreds of other business owners who have expressed the same concerns. According to Biden, he doesn’t see “much evidence” that people are choosing to stay at home instead of working. He noted that anyone making claims that suggest the unemployment payments are taking away the incentives to look for work is saying things that “underestimate the American people.”

“I know there’s been a lot of discussion since Friday’s report that people are being paid to stay home rather than go to work,” Biden said. “Well, we don’t see much evidence of that.”

Biden’s economic advisor said that the governors that are choosing to end the Federal Unemployment Insurance is “the wrong decision.” But it seems many Republican states are choosing to ignore this advice, so that they can get people back to work instead of sitting at home depending on a Government check.

States like Mississipi, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Arkansas will stop taking part in the unemployment programs as well as Florida.

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