AOC Throws Hissy Fit Again After Biden Says Israel Has Right To Defend Itself

One of the most aggravating things to watch in Congress these days is a group of blatant anti-Semites known as “The Squad” get away with being blatant anti-Semites.

No matter what, if Israel is involved in the news cycle, these four — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley — instinctively come out against the Jewish state.

And always on behalf of the Jewish state’s enemies.

It’s one thing to lodge legitimate criticism against Israel; but it’s quite another to attack Israel always with anti-Semitic, bigoted, lying talking points.

In a speech on the House floor Thursday, while Israeli Defense Forces were combating waves of incoming rockets launched by a State Department-designated, Iran-backed terrorist group, Hamas, and calling up 9,000 reserves, there was Sandy Cortez serving up aid and comfort to Jerusalem’s enemies.

We have to have the courage to name our contributions and sometimes I can’t help but wonder if the reason we don’t do that, if we’re scared to stand up to the incarceration of children in Palestine is because maybe it’ll force us to confront the incarceration here at our border,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “If, by standing up to the injustices there, it will prompt us to stand up to the injustices here.”

Later, this former bartender and foreign policy savant lashed out at President Joe Biden and, by proxy, every other American politician, regardless of political party, for supporting Israel and “the side of occupation.”

“The president and many other figures this week stated that Israel has a right to self-defense and this is a sentiment that is echoed across this body. But do Palestinians have a right to survive? Do we believe that and if so, we have a responsibility to that as well,” she said.

Never uttered by this political neophyte gaslighter is the fact that, in nearly every instance, anytime Israel is fighting it’s because Israel has been provoked. If left alone, Israel leaves others alone. If left to exist as a fully recognized country, Israel allows other fully recognized countries in the region and beyond to exist as well, in peace.

But no. Iran is constantly plotting against Israel, most often through the use of proxies such as Hamas or, in some cases, the Palestinians or Syrians. Each of these countries and entities approaches Israel from the standpoint that the Jewish state is illegitimate and so any actions it takes to preserve itself and defend its citizens is equally illegitimate.

Sandy Cortez and her Squad feel the same way: They view Israel as illegitimate, too, and therefore any actions taken by Jerusalem are also illegitimate. How else could you look at a country that is literally defending itself against more than 1,800 rockets over the past 96 hours and conclude that the bombardment is the fault of the target country — Israel — and not the entity firing the rockets (that would be Hamas)?

All of this stems from an incident last weekend in which Israeli police entered the holiest of Muslim sites on the Temple Mount, the Al Aqsa Mosque. But again, according to reports from the region, Palestinian extremists used the cover of the mosque to heave large rocks at Israeli police.

But those are just facts, and Sandy Cortez’s “Squad” is so filled with anti-Semitic hate no amount of Israel facts will suffice.


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