Democratic Mayor BLASTS Biden After Border Crisis Forces School to Shut Down

One Democratic mayor is going public to blast Joe Biden for his total failure at addressing the border crisis.

During an interview on Fox News, Del Rio Democratic Mayor Bruno Lozano, who represents a border town just across from Acuna, Mexico, sounded off as illegal aliens are flooding into his town.

Lozano revealed that a school near the border was forced into lockdown after more than a dozen illegal immigrants attempted to breach the property by jumping over a fence.

“We had illegals attempting to traverse the perimeter fence at one of the local schools at the southern side of the city,” said Lozano.

“The school had to go on lockdown to make sure the students were safe. They heard helicopters overhead. We saw state troopers and sheriffs and police responding to that incident,” he added.

“I asked Congress, I asked the politicians that are out there advocating for different nations right now stating the calm and the care that we need to provide them – What about my elementary school students? Can you imagine the trauma that they’re experiencing being on lockdown for illegal immigrants coming in and trying to get into their fenceline? That’s ridiculous,” he said.

Lozano then went after New York socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and said she continues to put America behind other nations in terms of her priorities.

“Reading one of the tweets from AOC… particularly that she posted the other day. It’s quite a contrast to Senator [Ted] Cruz’s tweet. He’s calling out the crisis that we’re having. We have the southern border crisis, the gas crisis, we have unemployment and COVID — The list goes on and on,” Lozano continued.

He added: “Yet here we are showcasing our priorities outside of the American people: That is very unfortunate.”


Data released last month by CBP indicated that border agents have seen a 233 percent increase in the amount of fentanyl seized at the southern border compared to last year, Fox News reported over the first three months of the year.

According to CBP, 639 pounds of fentanyl were seized in March, up from 245 pounds in March 2020.



Through the first three months of the year, CBP reported that it had seized more than a ton of the drug, snaring 2,098 pounds of fentanyl. In the first quarter of 2020, 629 pounds were seized.

According to newly released data, a whopping 178,622 were stopped by federal law enforcement at the U.S.-Mexico border who were trying to illegally enter the country.

That number is the highest amount in more than two decades.

The April total is up 3% from 172,331 in March, which was a 20-year high for the number of people who tried to get into the United States by sneaking over between land crossings or were denied entry at border checkpoints.

Here’s the most terrifying stat of all: In 2020, only 459,000 migrants were apprehended trying to illegally enter the U.S.

In the 2021 fiscal year alone, nearly 750,000 people have been encountered trying to enter the U.S. from Mexico.

Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton is always suing Biden’s administration for allegedly releasing Covid-infected illegal aliens into the United States.

According to Breitbart, Immigration and Customs Enforcement have carried out 75% fewer “priority” arrests, and arrests the Biden administration deems “non-priority” cut by over 80% to the same time frame in 2020.




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