Vaccinated Dems Refuse To Give Up The Mask Despite New CDC Guidelines

Liberals have become addicted to authoritarianism and are now unable to kick the mask habit. Even in spite of revised guidance issued by the CDC that those who have been vaccinated can do away with the stifling face coverings.

The surprise reversal by the agency caught nearly everybody completely off guard, especially since Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that the wearing of the masks was “patriotic” and that it could be prolonged indefinitely.

Following a number of unexpected developments Biden declared that, “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.” Of course, this was only after a horrific jobs report, the hacking of a critical piece of infrastructure in the Colonial Pipeline that led to gas shortages, and skyrocketing inflation. Additionally, he was addressing a population that has become so accustomed to government handouts that they refuse to work.


Rather than celebrate the generous restoration of freedoms that they previously took for granted, liberals and Democrat politicians are reluctant to shuck the masks. Most likely because they have become a powerful political symbol. They have empowered armies of cellphone waving “Karens” to strictly enforce the mandates of the public-private partnership.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the intellectual dynamo who is the ideological driving force behind the modern Democratic party took to Instagram to announce that she would continue to wear the mask despite the CDC’s revised guidelines. “If you want to keep wearing your mask then do it,” she directed her legions of cult-like followers, “Personally I’m going to keep wearing my mask in shared indoor public spaces like elevators, subway, grocery store, etc.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi also isn’t budging on the masks. She is keeping the mandate in place on the House floor according to CNN’s Maju Raja.


One of Pelosi’s top deputies, Rep. Eric Swalwell let loose with a profanity-laced outburst against a staffer for a Republican House member and then played the victim after he was told that he could take his mask off.


Another Democrat who isn’t ready to give up the masks is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. She presides over a city with a ghastly violence problem that regularly delivers a body count more in line with a third world country than one of America’s largest cities.


According to Mayor Lightfoot; “I’m going to continue to wear a mask in public, and I’m going to encourage others to do so.”

Lightfoot does deserve some credit for being open to innovative solutions for lingering troubles though. In a cutting-edge approach to addressing Chicago’s massive rat infestation problem, 1,000 feral cats will be released by the local Humane Society in an effort to dislodge the Windy City from the top of pest control giant Orkin’s “Rattiest Cities” list, a dubious honor that the city has won for six straight years.

And who could be a better poster boy for liberal lunacy than actor Matthew McConaughey. He is being recruited for his biggest role yet, a possible Texas gubernatorial candidate. As such, he virtue signaled his love of the mask in a tweet from the middle of nowhere.


The masks have become so deeply embedded as a symbol of the left’s desire to subjugate American society that they are NEVER going to give them up. How else are they going to punish their political enemies regardless of what “the science” says?


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