Bernie Parrots Terrorist Talking Points; Blasts U.S. For ‘Supplying Weapons To Kill Children’

The corrupt establishment media no longer even bothers with pretending that isn’t a biased megaphone for the far-left Democrats. Once again, avowed socialist Bernie Sanders was given a national forum on Sunday morning network television.

The twice-failed presidential candidate and race-baiting demagogue showed up on CBS’s Face The Nation. There he delivered talking points that may as well have been emailed to him by the Hamas ministry of propaganda and for all anybody knows, perhaps they were.

Senator Sanders and his progressive fellow travelers have spent the last few weeks engaging in the trashing of Israel, American’s most important ally in the volatile hellscape that is the Middle East. Rhetoric intensified last weekend when the IDF blew up a Gaza building housing offices for the Hamas terrorists as well as for al Jazeera and the Associated Press.

They were able to successfully pressure Joe Biden into urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to a cease-fire. This was largely successful due to accusing the Jewish state of murdering brown babies. However, peace is tenuous at best and violence could erupt anew at any moment.

Long a member of the hate America caucus, Sanders joined his young acolytes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib by blaming the U.S. for supplying Israel with weapons used to kill children.

According to Comrade Bernie, “All that I’m saying is that the United States Of America has got to be leading the world in bringing people together not simply supplying weapons to kill children in Gaza,” he said to host John Dickerson.

On Thursday, Sanders introduced a resolution seeking to sink a $735 million arms sale to Israel. Innocent civilians have had thousands of rockets rained down on them by terrorists who hate them and want to kill them, but Bernie never bothers to mention Jewish babies who are casualties.

A similar House resolution was introduced by AOC who in over two years as a member of Congress hasn’t actually accomplished anything, but she has a hell of a Twitter game.

Being Bernie, a man whose bread and butter is the dishonest and divisive use of race as a political tool he couldn’t help but play his favorite car. He revamped his stale rhetoric slightly from the Trump years to instead accuse the Israeli government of – you guessed it – being racist.


“Well, what you have got to do is also understand that over the years, the Netanyahu government has become extremely right wing and that there are people in the Israeli government now who are overt racists.” He said.

Dickerson did manage to put Sanders on the spot over the mounting attacks on Jews on the streets of the U.S. Something that has dark historic overtones of a certain 20th-century European regime that increasingly seems to be an inspiration to the Democratic party.


Dickerson asked; “There are a number of liberals who use the word apartheid to describe Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, a number of them liberals in the House who use that language. The executive director of the American Jewish Congress, who handled Jewish outreach for your campaign, has said that that word, Joel Rubin, has said that using that word has increased the level of vitriol that has contributed to this anti-Semitism. Do you think those who- who share your view should not use that kind of language?”

Eliciting the following half-assed response from Sanders: “Well, I think we should tone down the rhetoric,” which does nothing to change the fact that Jews are being physically attacked and verbally assaulted. Synagogues are even being defaced with feces, largely thanks to the language used by Democrats.

There used to be a day when malignant cranks like Sanders were ostracised to the political fringes and not featured on national television, but those days are long gone.

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