Trump Being Harassed With Another Lawsuit, This Time Over Phrase ‘China Virus’

No U.S. political leader, and certainly no president, has been harassed and abused as much as Donald Trump.

Since before he was even elected, the powerful deep state forces and elites appeared to join forces in an attempt to keep him out of office or, if he made it the Oval, undermine and despoil him at every possible instance.

Probably the most honest president since George Washington, Trump was nevertheless impeached twice, lied about in the compliant propaganda media daily, and subjected to the worst treatment at home and abroad of any president maybe ever. Word has it King George III treated American emissaries better after he lost his colonies.

Trump has also been subjected to relentless legal action as well, with left-wing prosecutors and state attorneys general targeting him and his businesses. And now, another group is targeting him personally over his use of an accurate phrase to describe the origins of COVID-19: The ‘China Virus.’

“It comes at the same time that the media is regularly calling variations of the disease The British, Indian, South African and Brazilian variants, because they are never consistent,” Conservative Brief’s Carmen Sabia noted.

“The federal complaint by the Chinese Americans Civil Rights Coalition (CARC) alleges that Trump’s use of that phrase and similar terms harmed the Chinese American community,” TMZ reported.

“Trump’s getting sued by the Chinese American Civil Rights Coalition … and they’re pissed over him constantly referring to COVID-19 as ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘Wuhan virus’ and ‘Kung Flu’ while he was in office,’ TMZ said.

“According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the CACRC claims Trump’s use of the derogatory terms contributed to the recent rise in violence against Chinese and Asian Americans … and they claim he should have known better,” said the entertainment news outlet.

The group filed their complaint — where else? — in the Southern District of New York, which just happens to also be leading harassment probes into Trump’s New York business dealings.

“Defendant’s extreme and outrageous conduct indeed has caused members of the Plaintiff organization, and to a large extent Asian Americans, emotional distress, and resulted in an unmistakable rising up trend of racial violence against Chinese Americans and Asian Americans from New York to California,” the lawsuit said.

And to show just how ridiculous this suit is, it seeks financial awards of $1 for every American of Asian or Pacific Island heritage, or about $22.9 million.

“The truth matters, words have consequences … especially from those in powerful and influential positions,” the suit adds. “Against the well-published WHO [World Health Organization] guidelines and the repeated advices from health officials of his own administration, Defendant intentionally repeated those defamatory words to serve his own personal and political interest with an astonishing level of actual malice and negligence, hence severely injuring the Chinese/Asian Americans communities in the process.”

Mind you, traditionally flu-like viruses have taken their name from where they originated (like the “Spanish flu” of 1918 and the “Asian flu” of 1957-58.

But when Donald Trump uses a specific geographic reference to describe where COVID-19 came from, suddenly that’s an actionable offense.

This man and his family will not get a moment’s respite from now until eternity for the ‘crime’ of winning a presidential election by defeating the ‘political establishment’ candidates.


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