Army’s New ‘Woke’ Ads Got So Much Negative Feedback Online the Comment Section Was Shut Down

The U.S. military truly does represent the very last American institution that has yet to be taken over, at the top, by left-wing ‘revolutionary’ types who hate our country as founded and legitimately want to usher a form of government more akin to a South American dictatorship.

But it is quickly being overrun by adherents to Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Very quickly. And it’s not going to end well for our country or our people.

You may have heard recently about a new Army recruiting ad that has been ripped to shreds by American patriots concerned about the “woke” direction our military services are heading. The ad features a female soldier named “Emma” who talks about how she has two lesbian mothers who eventually got married and how she, as a youth, was proud to march in ‘equality’ parades.

As it turns out, the Emma ad is just one in a series of five heavily animated offerings collectively known as “The Calling,” and the other four fall along the same lines as the first: Focused heavily on social justice and human frailties, but not at all on the sole purpose of the U.S. military, which is training men and women to fight and kill in service of the country.

That’s not a very politically correct thing to say to today’s Gen Z, which explains why the goofballs running the Army’s PR department settled on the kind of ads depicted in The Calling series.

Except, there is no evidence (yet) the ads are effective, and lots of anecdotal evidence that they are being seen as a sick joke (and not a very funny one when you consider the major militaries — Russia and China — our forces will likely have to face someday, with the fate of our country, literally its survival, at stake).

Just the News reports:

“The Calling” contains five segments featuring real soldiers who talk about why they joined the Army. Against a backdrop of dramatic music, the demographically diverse soldiers explain the challenges and hardships they faced while growing up and how they came to see the Army as a positive career choice. …

The true test of the U.S. Army’s “The Calling” ads is whether they appeal to the “Generation Z” demographic of 18-24-year-old Americans, officials told Just the News.

“We tested the ads with the Gen Z market,” Army marketing official Laura DeFrancisco said. “We’re trying to get them with the soldiers’ backstories. This was to show that these soldiers are relatable. What was their backstory? We went for the authenticity. Who are you? We used the storytelling approach.”

And, while the ads did well in the focus groups, the segments on YouTube brought more downvotes than upvotes. The series brought so much backlash that the Army disabled comments on the entire series.

In an interview with the outlet, DeFransciso made it seem as though the Army turned off the comments not because they were overtly negative, per se, but because officials weren’t sure where they were coming from.

Fair enough. But Army vets have voiced their concerns as well.

“What audience did this attempt to reach?” former Army public affairs officer John Wagner told Just the News. “Just to show how ‘woke’ the Army is? This material is aimed not at recruiting, as it should have been, but at trying to show something that is not a core principle of defending our nation. Who’s going to rethink joining after this?”


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