Obama Ethics Chief Demolishes Biden Admin After They Claim They Have the ‘Highest Ethical Standards’ Ever

Former director of Obama’s Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub shredded the Biden Administration on Thursday after they claimed to have the “highest ethical standards of any administration in American history” specifically surrounding the Hunter Biden artwork controversy.

In a statement to Fox News, the Biden administration bizarrely claimed that allowing Hunter Biden to sell his artwork to the highest bidder, is a “prime example” of the Biden “family’s commitment to rigorous processes.”

“I certainly hope this is not a ‘prime example’ of the rigorous ethics because this is not rigorous. At some point, they have got to answer questions without deflecting by resorting to this increasingly tired talking point that they have the highest ethics of any administration,” Shaub said. “They can start by sharing this agreement they negotiated with the art dealer. Then, they can pledge to tell us about any contacts the administration has with any known buyers.”

Shaub continued, “If they have time, they can tell us why they think it’s appropriate to profit off the presidency after complaining about the last guy doing exactly that.”

The Daily Wire reports: “The administration previously said that Hunter Biden, the president, the administration, and even the American public would be kept from knowing the identities of the buyers of Hunter Biden’s artwork, which could go for as high as $500,000 — an amount that has drawn criticism as it is significantly more expensive than what most artists seek for their first batch of artwork.”

Late this week however, a report claimed that Hunter Biden will be meeting with his art buyers before they are sold.

“The shows, a small, private affair in Los Angeles and a larger exhibition in New York City will give Biden an opportunity to interact with potential buyers of his paintings, which the gallery expects to sell for as much as $500,000,” CBS News reported. “Asked whether Hunter Biden would attend both events, Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis said, ‘Oh yes. With pleasure. He’s looking forward to it. It is like someone debuting in the world. And of course, he will be there.’”

“A source familiar with the matter told CBS News Hunter Biden will not discuss potential purchases, prices, or anything related to the selling of artwork,” the report continued. “But that raises the question: how would the public ever know what was discussed? There is no known enforcement mechanism or disclosure requirement embedded in the ethics deal. Conversations with potential buyers at the showings would almost certainly stay private.”

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made the whole situation even more confusing when she said Hunter Biden is “not going to have any conversations related to the selling of art, that will be left to the gallerist, as was outlined in the agreement that we announced just a few weeks ago.”

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