BREAKING: Pelosi Breaks Her OWN Mask Mandate After Threatening To Arrest Republicans

Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi threatened to arrest violators of her extreme new mask mandate. Pelosi immediately fell in line with the colossal flip from the CDC this week after they said masks should be forced regardless of vaccination status.

On Friday, she violated her own mask mandate in order to take a photo. No masks, no social distancing. Should Nancy Pelosi be arrested immediately? Watch her violation below:

Democrats have been on a tyrannical tear lately. They have ramped up their hateful rhetoric for un-vaxxed Americans at an unprecedented pace.

Fredo Cuomo said unvaccinated Americans are “ignorant, arrogant”:

Biden joined in on the fun, saying “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not as smart as I thought you were”

Newsom added that the unvaccinated are worse than “drunk drivers”

Why do you think Democrats enjoy putting a target on the backs of the unvaccinated? Comment below…

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